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Jan 12, 2024 Art and Literature

Social Media Impacts the World of Art and Literature

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To begin with, social media is digital technology that allows the sharing of information and ideas. People share text and visuals through virtual networks and communities. It is a powerful tool that is impacting the life of art and literature. Typically, social media offers user-generated content that provides analytics via likes, shares, comments and discussions. Art and literature work hand in hand because literature is art! Art and literature an important human experience as they allow people to express themselves, connect with others on a deeper level, and explore how people feel. People also get to understand the world better and the people around them through the use and appreciation of art and literature.

Artist can reach directly to their audience through social media.

Social media has made everything easy with information having to travel quickly and easily. Artists can now connect with their audience and supporters on a more personal level. Furthermore, connecting to people has become easy through various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube and LinkedIn. Before social media came into play artists could not connect directly with audiences. An artist can not only connect with their audiences but also get to make conversation with audiences and this will help to grow their base. Through the use of social media, artist get to sell and market their products and they can be sold in a blink of an eye. Examples of artists include US-based painter Janet Skates Art who uses her Instagram to showcase her talent.

Artist no longer has to rely on art galleries to showcase their alert.

Social media has democratized the art industry in many ways, as artists no longer rely on galleries or other intermediaries to showcase their artwork to the people. This also shows another disadvantage which is the traveling of artwork in a fast manner as intermediaries slow down the process as information is already in the tips of hands. An artist can simply create social media accounts and share their work with the audience and the world at large. Art has been made more accessible to people who may not have the privilege of being recognized in a traditional gallery setting.

Make money online on social media.

It is now easy for artists to make money through the use of different social media platforms. Artist can now upload content on YouTube and YouTube end up paying them if they meet the standard. Artist cost of living has also been made easy as artists can now source money from various forms. The elimination of intermediaries helps the artists save money and gives them more control over their artwork and career. In addition, only YouTube helps the artist make money but there are other platforms which include Facebook, and Instagram, among others. Artist sells their artwork directly to followers and partner with different brands. Many brands are interested in partnering with artist.

Artist gets funds for their projects through social media.

Financing the artwork is difficult but with social media, artists have managed to get a helping hand from the audience. Artists can directly raise funds through crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, Artists can create campaigns on their page where fans can directly donate without the need for a middleman. This has opened up new artist opportunities especially those who come from underprivileged backgrounds. With traditional means, it cannot be possible to raise such funds for their projects. Artists have the potential to raise, money from people who are passionate about their work, regardless of their location.

Less control and privacy issues

More so artist also have less control over their content. Pirates are using and reproducing artist content without their consent. Generally, when people pirate content, they are stealing from the producers and creators of that content. Piracy is the unauthorized use of someone’s content without permission. The whole issue is on giving credit to the works of different artists. All form of artwork, different pictures and videos are being shared on social media platforms without giving credit to the owner of the content. Piracy issues are also affecting artists Artist get to make less money, making it difficult for them to continue creating new work. It is also important to note that piracy is not the only factor that affects the industry but the increasing competition for consumer attention and the changing technological landscape.

Final thought

Overall social media has had a positive impact on the art and literature environment. However, using social media platforms for art and literature presents some challenges. Factors that hinder artists include piracy. In addition, algorithms on social media can be unpredictable making it difficult to build a following. Artists must distinguish themselves from others and attract buyers to be successful. Despite the challenges, social media will always remain a powerful tool for artists.